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National Programs

Subsequently we like to inform about German scientific drilling programs.

The LIAG is frequently involved in new research drilling projects to take advantage of the results for solving scientific interesting questions in collaboration with partners from public geological services, universities, extramural research institutes and the industrie. The financial contribution for drilling costs is up to 200.000 €.

The selection of scientific drilling projects is based on a list of criteria to ensure that the aims of the project are conform with the research profile of the LIAG.

The German IODP office is associated with the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR). Supported by the DFG the BGR coordinates, in the context of the priority program (SPP 527), the German participation with the international IODP and the general participation in drilling projects.

Supported by the DFG the ICDP coordinates the participation of scientists of German research institutes in the context of the priority program (SPP 1006).

The national ICDP office is placed at the University of Potsdam. The task of the office is to create transparency concerning German research projects on international layers by the initiation and coordination of research projects and the cooperation with similar programs like ICDP.