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Scientists in Germany have the opportunity to apply for funding for drilling projects in both national and international funding programs.

GESEP offers advice and assistance for developing research proposals towards successful projects.

individual support

In addition to the specific drilling programs, there is also the possibility of individually sponsoring certain projects.

German Research Foundation

The German Research Foundation (DFG) promotes the participation of German scientists and engineers in the international programs ICDP and IODP through the priority programs SPP IODP and SPP ICDP. The application deadline is set annually and is usually in January for IODP and in August for ICDP.

The DFG also promotes individual projects and collaborations with very different funding instruments.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) offers an online database in a promotion catalog, with the possibility to carry out individual research in individual data sets.

It also contains information on the measures which have been funded by the Ministries involved in the promotion of projects in the past and are currently being promoted.

Cover Brochure of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, GEO: N - Geo Research for Sustainability

Further on, the BMBF will present the focus of its geoscientific work for the coming years through the new specialist program "Geo Research for Sustainability (Geo: N)". Topics from the terrestrial and marine geosciences as well as geoscientific earth observation are the focus.

BMBF - promotion