The task of the project is to establish a relationship between the two passive methods of the frequency-wave number (fk) analysis and the seismic interferometry and to use them jointly for the characterisation and monitoring of geothermal reservoirs.

project description

Synergy of passive seismic methods for geothermal applications

Conventional seismic methods used to create images of the subsurface require active sources, which are very costly and not always feasible, for example in urban environments. Analysing the information contained in recordings of ambient seismic noise, passive seismic methods provide a means to monitor the subsurface continuously at lower cost and with least environmental impact. The main aim of this project is to establish an explicit link between two such methods, namely frequency wavenumber (fk) analysis and seismic interferometry, in order to enable their mutual application for geothermal reservoir characterization and monitoring.

reference: ©2017 GeothermieZentrumBochum e.V.

Seismogram (top) and frequency spectrum (bottom) of seismic "noise" at the GZB, continuously recorded over 12 days.
(Figure: ©GZB)

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