Research vessel Sonne: Expedition SO247

The first scientific expedition with the new drilling rig of the MARUM, the MeBo200, was extremely successful with approx. 500 meters of drilling at 12 operations, a maximum drilling depth of 105 m and the first use of the MeBo pressure core collector (MDP). The scientific aim of the research trip was the investigation of landslide processes on the eastern continental slope of New Zealand.

Werner Schmidt and Dr. Tim Freudenthal (MARUM) in preparation for the next service of the MeBo200.
photo: ©unknown; logbook-SONNE-247

project description

SLAMZ - Investigation of trigger mechanisms of submarine landslides in the area of the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand

left: cruise track
Rechts: study area
illustration: ©Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn, MARUM

From March 27 to April 28, 2016, the scientific crew of the expedition SO247 including 39 scientists from the MARUM, the universities of Jena and Bremen, the AWI and the New Zealand research institutes NIWA and GNS under the direction of Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn contributed on expedition with the research vessel SONNE off the New Zealand coast. The primary objective of the trip was the investigation of submarine landslides. For this purpose, samples from the seabed were drilled in two working areas east of the North Island of New Zealand with the new MARUM-MeBo200 seabed drill rig. The resulting sediment cores will provide information about the potential trigger mechanisms of slope slides, as well as the age and mobility of these slides. For this purpose, first geochemical, sedimentological, mineralogical and geotechnical tests were carried out on board. At the same time, the seabed was mapped by hydroacoustic plumbs in order to obtain information on the structure of the upper sediment layers.

map and stations in working area II (Tuaheni slide complex).
illustration: ©K. Huhn; Short Cruise Report
map and stations in working area I (Rock Garden).
illustration: ©K. Huhn; Short Cruise Report
The MDPs (MeBo pressure core sampler) installed in the MeBo200.
photo: ©unknown; logbook-SONNE-247

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