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GESEP Consortium

Scientific earth probing is an indispensable and essential element of modern geosciences. The increased interest in samples, data and space for in-situ laboratories from and in the upper layers of earth's crust leads to an increased demand for deep drilling projects.
German geoscientists are since long involved in scientific drilling programs and cover a broad expertise in continental, marine and glacial drilling.
GESEP unifies this expertise as an association and initialises and supports drilling projects,  on a scientific level as well as on an engineering and managerial level.
GESEP offers the following services to scientists, students, industrial partners, media and public:

Information Platform
Besides running a research data base, we organize symposia on a regular basis, take care of outreach and public relations.

Advanced Training
Education and training are main aims of our Consortium. With training courses, the association prepares junior scientists for the practical requirements  and skills of scientific drilling. Foci are on drilling engineering, management, logging technics and sampling.

We support scientists with the planning of drilling proposals and inform about the different possibilities of third party funding.

Planning and Management
With its preparation, planning, and operational realization of scientific drilling projects we offer to give advice and coordination to engaged groups of scientists.

GESEP members (updated february 2017)